Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prolouge - A Taste of Color

I wonder how this entire mess began? Maybe I should start from the beginning. Growing up, I was told by my mother and father that being a plain, vanilla sim made you simply better then those who have color. It was pounded into my head until I started to believe it too, but thankfully, I got rid of that nonsense. Thanks to one person.

That's my dad, Frost Rousette. His name matches his personality perfectly, he was never a loving father nor was he really around so I never really got close to him growing up.

My mother, Genoise Rousette. She was always beautiful to me and deep down, I always wished that I would look like her when I grew up.

And that's me as a young girl, Anglaise Creme Rousette. Naive and innocent, but so very lonely.

We live in the Snow Hills, it was called this because of all the white houses that are built here, where many of the rich, plain sims come to live. It's a very extravegent place and you could only wish to live here. Well, if you have no color.

This is our house. Everything is completely white here; the flowers, the columns, the windows, the doors, everything! Even more so then our neighbors.

And this is my room. I had almost everything a little girl could dream of! But it isn't much fun when you don't have anybody to hang around with. With the way I was raised, I never could really fit into a group of people, especially kids around my age.

This was that one night that changed my life, the night I meet her. My parents were hosting a party for their adult friends and the rest of our family I have never met. It was my Uncle Marble, Aunt Lace and my cousin. Mother lectured me that I had to be nice to my cousin because she was different from the rest of us.

"Yeah, yeah. I got it." I wasn't looking forward to meeting this weird cousin of mine.

The party was filled with all plain adult with no hint of any color. Well, except for one...

She was sitting against the wall, maybe to not attract attention? She dressed the same as everybody else but it was obvious that she was different.

She sat next to her mother, my aunt, both looking very bored. After I got over my shock, I realized how similar they looked. Well, except for one thing.

She could have looked like anybody else in the room if she didn't have her candy hair. She stood out in the room and my eyes kept going back to her. Her candy hair was eye catching and different from anybody else. Ironically, it turned out that her name was Candy.

Since she was the only other kid at the party, I wanted to go and talk to her but I couldn't. It was intimidating, she looked bored and uninterested which made it harder to approach her. I almost gave up on going over to talk to her.

That is until, she gave me the cheesiest smile and a small wave of hello. It made things a little less awkward and I went over to start a conversation with her.

We quickly became friends, learning that neither of us had any friends. Her, because of her looks. Me, because I couldn't talk to others. It was nice to finally make a new friend.

For the rest of the night, we played around my house until her father came searching for her. After they left, my mother told me that Candy would be coming by more often since we got along so well.

"Mom? Why does my cousin have candy hair? Why doesn't she have white hair like the rest of us?"

"Well honey, according to the doctors, she was born with a mutation. You see, something went wrong and so instead of normal hair like us, she ended up with that strange colored hair."

"But some others think that Candy's mother was not faithful to my brother and there is no mutation." It wasn't until years later that I found out it was my mother spreading the rumor that Lace Graham was cheating on my uncle, Marble Graham which resulted in Candy. I never understood the hatred my mother had for my aunt.

"That poor girl. She could have easily been beautiful if she wasn't born with that defect," My mother sighed out, and I agreed with her. I pitied Candy for being different but it didn't stop our friendship from growing.

She would come over more often and we would play around and one day we even decided to go fishing! We didn't catch anything, of course, but it was a lot of fun.

We took our lunches outside whenever we got bored of fishing around and when we didn't need to eat with our parents.

"Candy," I hesitated, wondering if she would get made but I just had to know what it was like for her,"What's it like being different?"

 "Different? I'm not different."

I could only stare at her but she offer no other explanation. My child mind couldn't comprehend what she was saying. When I think back, I can now see what she was trying to say. I think this is what opened my eyes from seeing the world in white, to seeing it in a different colors.

"When we become adults, we should leave to somewhere else." Candy was what inspired this want from me. After years of being friends and having a taste of color, I wanted to leave Snow Hills behind and see the colorful world around us.

"Leave? Are you kidding me, I don't want to leave. The world is a big place and you can easily get lost and not find your way." She wasn't to keen on the idea at the time; if only she could have seen into the future.

"I promise you Candy! We will leave this town together and start our lives somewhere else. We can leave Snow Hills behind for good!"

Candy was my only friend, other then Snow Prince, my teddy bear. It was a childish thing but during the times that I felt lonely, he helped me by just being there. But he could never take away from an actual, living friend.

Candy, surprisingly bonded with Snow Prince and he would be included whenever we played around. It was an inside joke that Snow Prince was actually a real sim and he needs his true loves kiss in order to change back to his original body.

I should have seen that she was slowly changing since our discussion. She seemed more courageous and brave and it would be the thing that would separate our lives forever.

Since neither of us had a car, we spent most of the time in my room, either playing pretend, watching TV or playing video games. It was nice but we were itching for something different.

It wasn't too long until Candy got her driver's license and got her parents to trust her with their car. And we finally were able to explore our little town and see the things we have been missing. The first place we went was to the beach. I've seen pictures of it but it's more impressive in real life.

And during the hot summer days, we went to the pool to cool down and goof around. We never told our parents about these trips because if they knew, we would be locked up and never allowed to leave our house again.

"Candy, what exactly is that." During the weekend, we decided to go and visit the art gallery and it surprised to see something on her that wasn't white. I could never forget that pink scarf. It made me realize how much she was changing and slowly exiting the confines of our world.

"It's my new scarf! I bought it over the weekend and I really like it. Even my parents like it and they don't even like color! Don't you like it?"

"Well, it's nice I guess..."

"Good! Just don't tell my aunt or else she might start yelling at me."

It was an experience I could never forget. Candy and me, seeing the different colors of the world being placed onto a white canvas, or other mediums. To me, it was magical to see so many colors other then white.

But our days as friends were numbered as our lives took different paths. I should have seen it coming, but I didn't want to believe it.

"Come on Angel! Let's go like we promised each other! Just pack your bags and we can head off to Sunset Valley together!"

"I'm sorry Candy. I can't." It really wasn't because I can't, it's because I couldn't. I wasn't as brave or spontaneous as her; I was scared. I was scared to leave the comforts of my home and explore the world, something I would have done during my teenage years.

"So, this is it?" She asked, her disappointed evident from the tone of her voice.

"This is it." I answered sadly, knowing that this might be the last time we would ever see each other.

She pulled me into a hug, the last one I would ever get from her.

"You be safe Candy and follow your heart."

"I will, I will!"

We held each other for a long until the taxi started honking at her to hurry. With one last round of goodbye's, I watched my cousin, my best friend, leave for her new life.

That night, I sat next to Snow Prince and watched the night sky. Not since I was a child had I felt this alone but I made the best of it and thought about happier times and wished Candy the best. And thats when I realized that I no longer pitied Candy but instead envied her. She was born with color and was able to see the world with open eyes. It was only through her that I was able to see it as well.


  1. Awww!! Lovely start, Ally! I love how both girls seem to influence the others as they grow--I'll be lookin' out for the next update! <3